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"Sisters" - A fitting tribute to Emily Remler from guitarist Matt Schiff. Matt plays Emily's music and offers up several of his own originals.
Jof Lee, Mel Brown, Ed Bennett and several other outstanding Northwest musicians join Matt on this stellar outing recorded at Kung Fu Bakery in 2017.

"Pocket Wes" by Emily Remler

Jof Lee plays Mompou
"Jof Lee plays Mompou" - An introspective look into the piano compositions of Catalonian composer Federico Mompou. This self produced project was recorded live at Saphu studios in 2016.

"Il Ilusio" by Federico Mompou

Live at Salty's
"Live at Salty's" - A long awaited live recording featuring Jof Lee on piano, Tim Gilson on bass and Mel Brown on drums. The trio grooves with ferocity in the intimate setting of a nightclub environment.

"Mombo Jambo" by Jof Lee

Walkin the Basses
"Walkin' The Basses" - An award winning CD! Here you will find the "Master of the Walking Bass" at his best. Filled with hard swinging jazz excursions and lovely, sensitive ballads, this little gem is a must for any serious collector.

"Back on the Farm" by Jof Lee

Ohio Lunch
"Ohio Lunch" - One of the latest projects from world class guitarist Dan Faehnle. Recorderd in Portland, Ore in 2004, the music features an all star line-up of Northwest musicians

"Ohio Lunch" by Dan Faehnle

Murray's Cadillac
"Murray's Cadillac" - A fine collaboration featuring bassist Ben Wolfe and several other great New York jazz players. The music on this CD is comprised of original compositions penned by Ben and recorded by Ed Bennett.

"Watson, 387" by Ben Wolfe

Redwood Range
"Redwood Range" - Saxophonist Francis Vanek, bassist Phil Sparks, percussionist Chris Lee and myself recorded this excellent music in a single afternoon using all first takes.
"Redwood Range" by Rory Stuart
arranged by Jof Lee

"Touraco" - An exciting collaboration of Portland musicians gather here to present the compositions of jazz violinist Eddie Parente. Like the beautiful bird for which this CD is named, these original compositions played by a 9 piece ensemble, take flight in vibrant color.

"Eitlean" by Eddie Parente

Les Entretiens
"Les Entretiens" - A musical conversation which represents an on-going fascination with early 20th century compositions. My arrangements were sequenced through a Yamaha DX7FDII and scored using Finale. Included here are works by Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Rachmaninov and others.

"Les Entretiens de la Belle" by Maurice Ravel

Last Sessions
"The Last Sessions" -This CD represents the final recording in the long and noteable career of bassist Leroy Vinnegar. The music on this disc was recorded in 2 sessions just a month before Leroy's passing in August of 1999. Selections include originals and jazz standards.
Although currently not in production, watch for upcoming details regarding the release date .

"Duncan's Donut" by Jof Lee

Close your Eyes
"Close Your Eyes" - For many years I had the great pleasure of working with vocalist Marianne Mayfield. This CD offers up a nice mix of standards, ballad's and bop. Featuring the deep, strong undercurrent of bassist Leroy Vinnegar and the impeccable time from drummer Mel Brown, it has quickly become a collector's classic.

"It's Only A Paper Moon" by Harold Arlen

Jazz Gumbo
"Jazz Gumbo" - Atlanta based saxophonist Dennis Springer offers up a wonderful collection of striking originals and hard bop. Featuring bi-coastal rhythm sections including Jof Lee, Thara Memory, Andre St. James and Mel Brown, this recording is a tour-de-force for the multi-talented reedman.

"Prayer for Farouq" by Dennis Springer

First Things First
"First Things First" - Legendary Jazz vocalist Joe Williams called Mario DePriest "the young lion with the touch". Soloists include New York saxophonists Javon Jackson and Rob Scheps along with musicians Thara Memory, Frank de la Rosa, and Mel Brown.

"A Certain Attitude" by James Williams